High street horror

19 Jul

The local brew

I know there’s a recession on. I realise that this is the age of austerity (or whatever the broadsheets are calling it this week).

Nobody is taking this more seriously than the market towns of North Dorset, from where I have just returned having failed to purchase so much as a scented candle as an impulse buy.

The shops of Sherborne are full to bursting with non-specific, unbuyable tat. Mary Portas would have heart failure.

Yes there’s a beautiful former monastery and yes, the 12th century chancel is very enchanting. But the shops are either stuck in a time warp or appealing for that elusive Michael Jackson style shopaholic who literally snaps up everything regardless of what it is or how much it costs.

Having a New Look and an M&Co does not tick the “affordable fashion” box. Having endless boho boutiques selling art cards and mosaic mirrors might work if you could actually see any of them, piled precariously high as they are in higgledy piggledy fashion on tall shelving.

The only shops that appeared to be thriving were the charity shops – perhaps everybody is endlessly recycling the tat they eventually buy in desperation from the place next door, and the boutique brigade is buying it all back to re-sell at ever higher prices.

Despite my best efforts in the last two days I have bought only a bottle of Diet Coke, a Sunday newspaper and 2 rounds in the local pub.

I’m not a WAG. I’m not bemoaning the lack of a Louboutin shoe sale or vintage Mulberry handbag stockist. But sometimes you just want to spend a little bit of money on something frivolous. Is that so wrong?

I really could have made do with a nice pair of earrings that weren’t heart-shaped. And maybe a soapdish. That wasn’t heart-shaped. For some reason everything is heart-shaped in the shops of Sherborne, which is ironic considering how difficult it is to show them any love.


One Response to “High street horror”

  1. almostwitty July 20, 2010 at 11:25 am #

    Ha ha! Welcome to rural country 🙂

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