The ghost of new years past

1 Jan

new year's evePeople in Dorset take their fancy dress extremely seriously. Especially on new year’s eve. By 9.30pm last night I was queuing at the bar of a fairly quiet local pub along with 13 gnomes, Napoleon, 5 (male) nuns and one sumo wrestler.

And that was before our friend Alf Garnett showed up with two Elizabethan courtiers in tow.

Fortunately the mister and I had recreated our showstopping red riding hood/the wolf double act, perfected during festival season 2010.

Sadly he had to remove his hairy hands in order to hold his pint and I was forced to keep my cardigan on all night after sitting down and feeling my paper thin gingham outfit tear up to my armpit on one side. Fancy dress outfits are quite literally a rip-off it seems.

Mature Witch looked a lot more sturdy in the shop, perhaps because it was a size 24. I may be 4 months pregnant but I’m not there yet – despite the helpful fashion tip offered to me by a shop assistant in the Swanage branch of New Look yesterday. They only had 2 maternity dresses in stock but perhaps I could just buy baggy tops in large sizes she chirped, directing me towards a sale rail of what looked like oversized stripy pyjamas.

But, I digress. Back to new year’s eve where absolutely everybody was fancy dressed up to the nines. Apart from the obligatory “Mexican” in sombrero and a blanket, and a bewildered back packer who had quite clearly, in the words of Withnail, come on holiday by mistake.

Teenagers were everywhere doing what teenagers do – being sick and snogging (I saw Little Bo Peep attempting both simultaneously, to the horror of her boyfriend, if that’s what he was. You do have to really care about someone to let them get away with that sort of thing, in my experience. Either that or be too drunk to notice).

We saw in the new year down by the sea and I allowed myself a small glass of champagne to toast the start of 2011. It took me an hour to drink and this morning I had a headache. Perhaps I have more in common with those teenagers than I care to admit.


2 Responses to “The ghost of new years past”

  1. cyberdoyle January 1, 2011 at 5:13 pm #

    you having a baby? wow I must have missed hearing about that! what a great thing to look forward to in 2011, good luck
    chris x

    • zskdorset January 1, 2011 at 8:33 pm #

      Thank you! Haven’t mentioned it at all on twitter so just decided to put this out there and see what happened 🙂 hope all is well with you x

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