Fame and light refreshments

23 Oct


It’s been a fortuitous weekend for the people of Swanage. First, we got a mention in Saturday’s Guardian in a feature called, I shit you not, “let’s all move to Swanage” (now adorned with comments from locals begging people not to) and then an email was circulated inviting residents to take part in a drama project in which we get to invent a character and then act it out in a FILM .

If that doesn’t put this town on the map then I don’t know what will.

I have quite a bad feeling about the film though. You know how it’s never the people you want to see naked who flock to the naturist beach? In a similar vein I imagine not many of the local professional playwrights/actors will be keen to donate their creative talents without a fee or copyright agreement – and all that appears to be on offer is light refreshments.

Also, the first workshop is on Monday afternoon so the organisers are kind of limited to whoever is knocking around at that time. It’s peak time here in Swanage. There’s the Under Ones playgroup (to which I am promised, shoot me now), steam-hauled van brake rides are on offer at the train station (no, me neither) and of course there’s always Aquafit at the town caravan site. Some of us even have jobs.

The purpose of the project, which is for some inexplicable reason called A Tale of Two Occurrences, is to “explore notions of power and service“. I have looked everywhere for a website but I can’t find one so you’ll have to take my word for it. Perhaps I’ve seen too much am dram at the Mowlem (see previous post) – and I should disclose that I am also watching Downton Abbey while I write this – but I fear the worst.

I can almost hear a klaxon heralding the freefall of cliche and unflinching political comment (don’t ever mention the phrase second home owners around here unless you are prepared for a very long night) this has the potential to unleash.

However hopefully any fracas will be tempered by the more leftfield artistes. What are the odds that at least one person decides to play their own pet? It might even tempt the BDSM community into the spotlight. There must be one – there always is. Admittedly I’ve never seen any gimp masks for sale in Viviens, Swanage’s answer to Agent Provocateur.

On second thoughts it’s going to be brilliant. I may have to cancel my plans for Monday after all.


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